we are more than just oil experts

our motto is: switch oil when changing oil.

masteroil sets new standards in terms of reliability, service-friendliness and sustainability. With our innovative product range, high market competence, cooperative service and far-sighted advice, we ensure sonorous harmony of all aggregates, total customer satisfaction and technical reliability at the very highest level.

put your trust in a product portfolio that meets the requirements of absolute champions.

time to switch to masteroil.

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our oils & their specialities

masteroil offers the right engine oil for every vehicle in the world. Our oils are approved by a large number of german and foreign car manufacturers and fully meet their requirements.
but while manufacturer approval in most cases means that the oil only meets certain minimum requirements, we go beyond these specifications and develop oils which, for example, have a higher cleaning performance than required by manufacturers.

engine oils

our multi-range low-viscosity engine oil meets every demand with excellent properties at different temperatures. It is the right and optimal oil for every engine.

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gear oils

our high-performance gear oils are based on the best technology for the most modern and diverse gear types with high or low torques. our industrial oils offer adjusted friction behavior and excellent friction value consistency over the entire change interval.

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industrial oils

our high-quality industrial oils contain admixtures to prevent corrosion, abrasion, ageing and friction. Highly effective EP additives guarantee excellent pressure absorption capacity.

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