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C-Tec Power Longlife IV 0W-20

masteroil C-Tec Power Longlife IV 0W-20 is an HC synthetic lubricant that is suitable for the latest VW / Audi engines. The optimum coordination of these base oils and the additives developed specifically for this application is what gives this engine oil its outstanding performance level. The lubricant was developed to extend the life and maintain the efficiency of emission systems.

Type Motor oil - Car
Viscosity 0W-20
ACEA C5 / C6
Approvals VW 508 00/509 00
Specifications Ford WSS-M2C956-A1; PORSCHE C20; VW TL 52 577

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Articlenumber Size (in liters)
0010020010000 loose
0010020010005 0,5
0010020010050 5
0010020010300 30
0010020010600 60
0010020012000 206