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C-Tec Special ECO F 5W-20

masteroil C-Tec Special ECO F 5W-20 was specifically developed for Ford petrol engines of the Eco Boost generation. It is based on selected HC synthetic base oils in combination with the latest additive technology. The engine oil ensures lower fuel consumption when operated at both partial and full load, not to mention lower pollutant emissions. The excellent cold start properties guarantee particularly high reliability.

Type Motor oil - Car
Viscosity 5W-20
ACEA A1/B1-12; A1 / B1 / C5
Approvals Ford WSS-M2C948-B; Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.03.5004
Specifications Chrysler MS 6395; Ford WSS-M2C948-A; ILSAC GF-5


Articlenumber Size (in liters)
0010520010000 loose
0010520010005 0,5
0010520010050 5
0010520010300 30
0010520010600 60
0010520012000 206