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MTF SAE 80W-90

masteroil MTF SAE 80W-90 is a high-performance transmission fluid based on HC synthetic oil of SAE class 80W90 with a specifically selected combination of additives. It is characterised by a high thermal load capacity and provides a stable lubricating film even under continuous stress

Type Transmission oil
Viscosity 80W-90
Specifications MAN 342 M-1 / 342 M-2; MIL L-2105 C / L2105 D; ZF TE-ML 05A / TE-ML 07A / TE-ML 12E; ZF TE-ML 16B / TE-ML 16C / TE-ML 17B; ZF TE-ML 19B

Securitydatasheet Productdatasheet

WM-Articlenumber Articlenumber Size (in liters)
5206141 0038090010001 1
5206142 0038090010050 5
5206143 0038090010300 30
5206144 0038090010600 60