The king of oils.

Just as the lion is king of the animals, masteroil is the king of oils. Our trademark was therefore deliberately chosen, because it lives up to our claim of bringing only premium quality onto the road. In line with the variety of vehicles on the market, our range of oils for all vehicle types is also growing steadily.

We do not distinguish ourselves in motorsport, rather we value partnerships with independent car workshops. And the master craftsmen there swear by masteroil, because we deliver high-quality motor oils that take into account the requirements and specifications of all well-known manufacturers and have their express approvals. We are the oil of master craftsmen - this is only the case if your workshop manager recommends masteroil to you. Then you will benefit in two ways, namely from the practical experience of the workshop you trust and the expertise of masteroil.

The lion is
our trademark.

Majestic and sovereign - that is how you imagine a king! The masteroil lion represents a strong and powerful brand in the truest sense of the word. At the same time, it is the seal of approval for the premium quality of a wide range of oil products from our company. Our lion only finds its master in the workshop.

Superbly refffined.

Viscosity plays a key role in the world of lubricants. The more liquid a lubricant is, the faster it can flow. The higher the viscosity, the higher its lubricating capacity. Ideally, the ratio of flow speed and lubricating capacity should always be in an optimum ratio. We call it the Fast Fluid Formula.


Challenges for a modern engine oil
An article by Prof. Dr. Thomas Koch

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