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masteroil ATF CVT is an HC synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected, very high-grade base oils and developed for use in most CVTs. It is suitable for continuously variable transmissions with steel push link belts or chains. The oil offers first-class wear protection and stable friction properties.

Type Transmission oil
Specifications Audi TL52180; BMW 83 22 2 344 207; BMW ATF 5; BMW EZL799/EZL799A; Daihatsu AMIX CVTF-DC / DFE; Dodge NS-2/CVTF+4; Ford Mercon C; Ford WSS-M2C928-A / WSS-M2C933-A; Fujijyuuko i-CVTF FG; GM CVTF GREEN 2/SATURN DEX-CVT; Honda HCF-2/HMMF (No Start Clutch); Hyundai SP-CVT1; Jeep NS-2/CVTF+4; Kia SP-CVT 1; Mazda CVTF 3320; MB 236.20/CVT28; Mini EZL799/EZL799A/CVT V1; Mitsubishi CVTF J-1; Nissan NS-1/NS-2/NS-3/Matic W; Punch EZL799/EZL799A; Renault Elfmatic; Subaru e-CVTF; Suzuki CVTF 3320; Toyota TC / CVT FE; Volvo CVT 4959; VW G052 180 / G052 516

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Articlenumber Size (in liters)
0031261020001 1
0031261020050 5
0031261020300 30
0031261020600 60